At Richmond School we:

1. Treat people and property with respect

- no hitting, pushing, fighting or play fighting
- no unkind words to others
- no swearing
- no unsafe activities e.g. tackle rugby, ‘piggy-backing’, ‘bull-rush’ (unless supervised by a teacher)
- no playing with sticks
- no throwing bark, stones or acorns

2. Play safely

- walk around buildings and along corridors
- stay away from the gum tree during high winds
- use the Adventure Playgrounds sensibly
- no playing tag, ball tag or chasing on the new Senior Adventure playground
- use the crossing by Room 3 to cross to and from the backfield
- ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ both ways before you walk across the crossing
- stay off gardens
- no climbing trees
- no swinging on the ramp handrails
- no kicking balls on the asphalt areas or against the buildings (unless within 4/8 square)
- return P.E. gear to the correct place
- no biking or scooting in the school grounds, on ‘Church Hill’ and ‘Trinity Lane’
- follow the library rules
- no playing behind Rooms 1 – 3, 6 - 9, the hall and the dental clinic
- ask teacher permission to use a phone
- only use the internet with your teacher’s permission and when they are supervising you
- Be ‘Sun-smart’ - wear a brimmed hat during Terms 1 & 4
- ‘No hat, play in the shade’

3. Eat and play in the correct places

- Juniors to sit down while eating morning tea
- put rubbish in bin before playing
- at lunch-time sit in designated areas and wait to be released by duty teacher
- no sharing food or drink
- no spitting
- Middle and Senior syndicate children can use the back field
- Middle and Junior syndicate children can use the front field
- Year 3 and Junior syndicate children can use the Junior Adventure Playground and Junior quad area
- Play outside on fine days
- stay off the grass when the yellow flags/signs are up
- on wet days stay in your own classrooms (except Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 may be in the library)
- on wet days no playing on the decks
- remain outside the school grounds (except by PE shed) until the 8.30 am bell rings


1. A happy, harmonious school playground. A place where everyone wants to be.
2. Playground awards given out by duty teachers for children to place in the appropriate container inside the office foyer.
3. At Friday's assembly some names will be chosen to receive special awards.

CONSEQUENCES for breaking rules

1. Teachers, Senior Staff and/or Principal will discuss the situation with those involved.
2. Possible outcomes:
- Class teacher informed
- Completion of a 'Think' sheet
- Other written tasks
- Red circle brief or an appropriate ‘time-out’
- Details recorded in Principal’s or Associate Principal’s Behaviour books
- Details recorded on the child’s blue anecdotal record card
- Parent/Caregiver involvement