We aim to keep parents as fully informed on the achievement and progress of their children as is possible.

During Week 2 Term 1 there will be 20-30 minute Class Introduction session in each room.

This year we are providing two opportunities for parent-teacher interviews. The March interviews are designed to provide an opportunity for parents to share information about their children’s needs with the teacher. The teacher and parents can plan together to provide for these needs. These are 10 minutes in duration. These are goal setting interviews.

Mid-Year Reports and Interviews (end of Term 2) are intended as an opportunity for the teacher to report orally to the parents, or caregivers, on the child’s progress to date and to review points raised at the February interview. These are 15 minutes in duration. A formal written report is issued at these.

In addition to the interviews, samples of children’s work will be sent home in each child’s ‘Portfolio’ from time to time. Juniors at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3. The Middle Syndicate in Terms 1 and 3. Seniors at the end of Terms 2 and 4. Parents are asked to sign and make appropriate supportive comments about their children’s work.

A written report will be provided in December.

Special parent/teacher or parent/principal interviews may be arranged throughout the year by arrangement.

New Entrant Parent/Teacher Interviews:
After each New Entrant child has completed one month at school, parents will be invited to have an interview with the class teacher. This will be an opportunity to discuss progress and development during the initial few weeks of your child’s schooling. At this time, the parents and teacher may formulate strategies so that the home and school can work together to provide necessary programmes for the child to achieve success and continue to build a positive attitude to learning. This interview replaces the child’s first written school report.

For further information please contact your child’s class teacher or the syndicate leader (Glenna Armstrong).