Children and parents are free to make use of the school grounds during daylight outside of school hours; however children are the responsibility of their parents at these times. Children are not permitted on the school grounds before the 8.30am bell.

Children are expected to go home after school, returning to use the grounds only after having been home to seek parent permission.

Skateboarding by supervised primary aged children is permitted in the school grounds with permission.

Skateboards must be kept off seats, ramps and steps etc. We rely on parents and children to report any misbehaviour in the grounds outside of school hours and at weekends or during school holidays. Please phone any Board member or the principal if you notice a problem you are unable to deal with yourself, or alternatively phone the police. Please take care of our gardens, trees and shrubs when using the grounds.

Parents/Caregivers and prospective employees should be aware that BY LAW no smoking is permitted inside the school buildings or in school grounds or on school trips or camps at any time.