Although there is no need to enrol your child until the day he/she starts school, we do appreciate early advice and pre-enrolment forms are available at the office for this purpose. We encourage orientation visits by prospective new entrants and their parents between 4-6 weeks leading up to the child’s starting date. Contact Glenna Armstrong if you would like to arrange pre-school visits. Please note that visits are not available during the last 2 weeks of the school year. Parents of children starting school at the beginning of the next year should arrange for their orientation visits in the weeks prior to the final 2 weeks of the year.

The actual enrolment is made at the office, usually with the Principal or Associate Principal. You may do this during one of the orientation visits or on the first day. Please note that we need to sight a birth certificate at enrolment time, so please bring one with you. You are also now required, by law, to bring your child’s Immunisation Certificate (available from your family doctor).

Please contact the office to arrange an appointment time to meet the Principal or Associate Principal who will provide you with a conducted tour of the school.

– Enrolment Form