The School Day

First Session 9.00am - 10.30am

Second Session 10.50am - 12.30pm

Third Session 1.30pm - 3.00pm

The school grounds open from 8.30am when the bell rings. Children are not permitted on school grounds before this time. Parents are asked to help by ensuring children are at school in time to be seated in their classrooms at 9.00am when the bell to start the day will be rung.

Children going home for lunch must be back at school and seated in their classrooms by 1.30pm. Teachers must be notified by note or conversation if children are going home for lunch.

Children will be dismissed from their classrooms by their class teachers at 3.00pm. Because this is a very busy time for teachers, parents are asked to wait outside the classrooms until the children are dismissed. Children are expected to go home after school, returning to use the school grounds only after having been home to seek parent permission.

Term Dates 2017/18
Term 1 Tuesday 7th February – Thursday 13th April
Term 2 Monday 1st May – Friday 7th July
Term 3 Monday 24th July – Friday 29th September
Term 4 Monday 16th October – Wednesday 20th December

Term 1 2018 Starts – Wednesday 31st January

Public Holidays/Additional Days
Nelson Anniversary – Monday 29th January
Community of Learning Teacher-only Day - Tuesday 30th January
Waitangi Day – Monday 6th February
Good Friday – Friday 14th April
Easter Monday – Monday 17th April
Easter Tuesday – Tuesday 18th April
Anzac Day – Tuesday 25th April
Queen’s Birthday – Monday 5th June
Labour Day – Monday 23rd October
Nelson Anniversary 2018 – Monday 29th January
Waitangi Day 2018 – Tuesday 6th February