2017 School Teaching Staff

Our talented facilitators of learning

The staff are the paid employees of the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for the day‑to‑day running of the school within Board policies and the Government's National Guidelines, under the supervision of the principal. There are four basic occupational groups: teachers, teacher-aides, clerical staff and caretaking.  While roles differ, they are all dedicated to our mission statement with each group contributing in its own area of expertise.


Tim Brenton

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Deputy Principal

Ryan Higgins

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Senior Syndicate

Grant Irvine

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Middle Syndicate

Pip Scott

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Junior Syndicate

Glenna Armstrong

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Room 1

Jaime Kingi

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Room 2

Grant Irvine

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Room 3

Raewyn Brenton

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Room 4

Jess Drummond

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Room 5

Ryan Higgins

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Room 6

David Coeland

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Room 7

Louise Thurlow

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Room 8

Pip Scott

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Room 9

Kate Stiven

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Room 10

Marie James

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Room 11

Mitch Neal

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Room 12

Bronwyn Scott

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Room 13

Helen Clark

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Room 14

Sherie Schwass

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Room 16

Tracey Krammer

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Room 16

Rochelle Krammer

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Room 15

Candice Duke

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Room 17

Liane Ainley

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Room 18

Gina Suckling

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Room 19

Glenna Armstrong

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Room 20

Becky Tucker

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Nicole Lams

Information Literacy and GaTERS
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Mel Harnetty

Reading Recovery


Janita Numa

Part Time


Kemela Joass

Part Time


Jess O’Connor

Part Time