Pool Keys – $45

Parents and caregivers can now purchase a swimming pool key for the swimming season. The cost is $45.

Parents need to come to the school office to collect the keys themselves (we don’t send keys home with children). They need to sign the ‘Rules of hire’ form and they will receive another copy to keep (a good place to keep this is on the fridge door!).

The caretaker and principal will be on annual leave from Thursday 21st December 2017 until 10th January 2018. During this time the pool will be closed.

The reason is that there are very stringent health and safety regulations such as mandatory 3 hourly water testing and the need for a fully trained supervisor to be available at all times. Then there are other tasks that must be completed such as the cleaning of the changing rooms/toilet and tasks related to the pumps, filters, chlorine bins, other chemicals etc.

Our caretaker (Dean Wilkinson) will have the pool ready for use again on Wednesday 10th January 2017.

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